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Lina & Marcus

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It has always been a dream of mine to do a wedding video in Mexico, especially in Riviera Maya, and it finally came true. Thanks to this amazing, loving couple, I was able to take part, and help immortalize this very special occasion and create a one of a kind wedding film.

After 3 days of heavy rain in Riviera Maya, the sun started to shine in Playa del Carmen, and as if by higher request, the clouds parted for the occasion. It was the very moment the Shamans pronounced Lina and Marcus “Husband & Wife”, in a traditional Mayan Ceremony I was able to transform into stunning images that added magnificence to the wedding video.

Love, family, fun, sensuality… White sand, turquoise water, green flora, a traditional ceremony, Riviera Maya… These were the main ingredients to a dreamlike destination wedding, captured in a movie-like wedding video.

I lived everything with such intensity that, for the 4 days I was staying at the Beach Club resort, in Riviera Maya, I didn’t even go to the beach. I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the stay and forget about the incredible event that was about to happen. And my focus and anxiety kept building every time I spoke and got to know better this incredible couple in the days prior to the wedding.

Among such beautiful tropical sceneries, it is easy to find inspiration. The white beach sands, the crystal clear waters, the palm trees… Riviera Maya was indeed a location that delivered beautiful shots everywhere I turned.

So, the day before the wedding, I decided to make a filming session to include these natural gems in the wedding video. And the chosen location were the famous cenotes of Riviera Maya – natural sinkholes that reveal secret underground pools. A unique scenery that produced unique images, and allowed for a moment of closeness and tranquility between the bride and groom, so pure and so real. And the aerial shots I added to the wedding video were absolutely breathtaking.

After deciding to have their wedding ceremony in Riviera Maya, Lina and Marcus chose to celebrate the start of their new life together in a mesmerizing traditional Mayan Ceremony. Celebrated in Playa del Carmen by Spirituality Riviera Maya, this beautiful Pre-Hispanic Mayan Ceremony, performed in the Mayan language, by a native Maya Shaman, bestowed an incredible feeling to all that witnessed it. The Shaman asked permission to the Elements and all Energies, and sealed their bond with the four universal corners. The ceremony was filled with feathers, traditional body paintings and bright colours: blues, greens, reds… To the sound of drums, while embracing each other, the couple’s union was blessed in a shower of petals, which represent the secret language of love.

Every detail mattered, and everyone worked hard to make this wedding very special. The wedding production and design, only possible by the amazing work of Bodas Destino Latino America’s wedding planner Carmen Laborin, was beautifully captured by the photos of Del Sol Photography, and I was able to put together a wedding video that I can be really proud of, and that certainly makes me want to go back to Riviera Maya.

The wedding video is called “My Cleopatra”, partly because of the couple’s nicknames, but mostly because it was epic! The luxurious flowers and decor by Blossom Cancun helped set the scene, and made this Cleopatra shine like a true queen, while hair and makeup by Sara Tamargo, made her look even more exceptional. The bride’s HAMU was made especially by her BFF, Vilomena Saunders,

This wedding video depicts a destination wedding full of beauty and surprises! And as Marcus said, there were no friends at that wedding, they were all family.

So, in the biggest surprise of the day, the groom told the bride to stop and wait, right as she was walking toward him. It was a surprise only I, the groom and the wedding planner knew about. There was no way he was going to let her walk down the aisle alone. He had secretly arranged for something she thought would not be possible: her brother Gustavo was there to walk her down the aisle – because he knew how important it was to her, but also how family was the most important thing to have in a wedding.

This wedding video, as well as this wedding, was all about the feelings that brought these two amazing people together, about love, about family. So I had to include the deeply heartfelt words that were exchanged, so truthful, so simple, yet so intense. To add to those words and feelings, during the reception, gracefully provided by Milo Pinelo’s Mejores Eventos, an emotional speech by the brother of the bride welcomed the groom into the family, the brother he never had.

After this special and emotional part of the wedding was complete, it was time to party! And partying is what they did! It is impossible to watch the wedding video’s dancing scenes, at the stunning tent by Eventos y Carpas del Caribe, in the heart of Riviera Maya, and not want to join in. Omar Show Systems kept the music going, always setting the right rhythm and the right mood.

This couple is absolutely incredible, and it was an honor to have met such beautiful people. Marcus has a heart of gold, and to this day, he still writes me to thank for a job well done in their very treasured wedding video, in the dreamy Riviera Maya. He has even invited me to visit them in Miami, because, as he always says, from that day on, I became part of the family.

So, obviously, after working with this couple, alongside these amazing teams, and in such a magical wedding ceremony, I would love to make another wedding video in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

So, Lina and Marcus, take care of your hearts, your ideas, and your dreams.

Thank you God! Thank you Carmen Laborin from Bodas Destino Latino America! Thank you Lina and Marcus!

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