Sergio Rosado & Andreia

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Sergio Rosado & Andreia


It was a normal day, just like any other, when Guilherme Cabral came to me and asked, “Nelson, wouldn’t you like to make rgio Rosado’s video?

“Of course I would, I said. But I had no idea how to get to him. I thought it was impossible, but I was immediately excited about it. Everyone knows I love impossibilities. 

Then Guilherme asked me to send him a series of wedding images that I had already made, and said nothing else for quite a while. 

He loved it!”, hwrote to me a few days later. I called him and finally realized why he had asked me that question. rgio was getting married, baptizing his youngest daughter, and Guilherme suggested that I do the footage. 

I came to Lisbon with low expectations, because it was the first time I was going to make the wedding video of a famous person. Low expectation because the idea we have is that famous people are very hard to surprise, and even harder to please or to committo something like this, due to the exposure they are constantly under

I’m glad I landed without any expectations, because it turned out that by the end of the day I was as happy as those kids that played all day long. As happy as Sérgio and Andrea that on that daycelebrated their love20 years later.

I was really surprised to see what Sergio had prepared for his wife and that made everyone cry at the church – me included, because I was also carried away by such a pure, touching and powerful moment as the one we all witnessed.

That is why I decided to make this video based on that surprise. Because it was so powerful it cannot just stay within the walls of that church. It deserves to be shown to the world, so that the world can be as excited as we were. 

Love is the most important ingredient to make every story the very best, and on that day, the most unforgettable story I have ever had the pleasure of immortalizing was written. 

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