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Manuela and Franco’s destination wedding – Palma de Mallorca

As I have mentioned many times before, I absolutely love making wedding videos of destination weddings. And regardless of how many destination wedding videos I get to make, it’s always very surprising for me to find out where the next destination will be. In my opinion and personal experience, a destination wedding video not only shows a bit more about the couples personality and taste, because the place they choose for their wedding is a reflection of their love story and of how they wish to celebrate it, but it also allows me to travel to new places and really explore my creativity. Thanks to these types of weddings, not only do I get the amazing chance to visit new places, but I can also create something very unique and special for the bride and groom, in a place they consider truly special and that will be lovingly remembered by them forever.

This wedding was no exception, since Manuela and Franco chose to have their big day in the beautiful Palma de Mallorca, a jaw-dropping destination wedding location where I had the pleasure of creating a stunning wedding video. A postcard-like destination that was just perfect whether to celebrate this magical day on an idyllic beach, a lavish villa, a rustic finca or a luxury hotel. The island’s rock formations outline the coast with large cliffs and small coves, which offered quite impressive views from that coast, which made an impressive setting for an impressive wedding day.

This Swiss couple decided to exchange their wedding vows in front of family and friends on the island of their dreams – under the Balearic sun, with exotic weather, sublime beaches, picture perfect settings and extraordinary historical architecture. So, the title of this video had to be “Island of our dreams”. A magical island that has certainly left a lasting impression that was now captured in their wedding video forever.

The island offers a huge range of special wedding venues, so it is possible to find the ideal location to have a truly magical destination wedding. Everything a couple might need to make their wedding day a very special day can be easily found: a chef, an event organizer, all kinds of wedding venues, and a great variety of wedding related shops. And of course my job, as the wedding videographer, is obviously to help eternalize the most important day of the lives of the bride and groom.

Marrying abroad is fast becoming the big dream of many couples, which is now a lot easier to achieve, especially in this Spanish island that truly meets all the requirements when it comes to destination weddings.

So Manuela and Franco decided to celebrate their big day in a very romantic beach front location at sundown, in a glamorous and exquisite venue that created a very special and memorable day for everyone involved.

The weather was absolutely fantastic that month of August, really warm and sunny, and everyone’s mood was absolutely extraordinary. In a truly stunning location and unique setting, this couple celebrated their wedding day among their family and friends. In a delicately harmonious union between nature and architecture, the chosen venue by Manuela and Franco, which was right by the sea, was surrounded by palm trees that contrasted beautifully with the breathtaking views of nearby mountains in the background and stunning ancient ruins. And all these natural and man-made elements combined offered a spectacular backdrop for this wedding video.

In a striking white mermaid dress with a beautiful fit and flare look and bottom completely covered in ruffle accents, while waving an exquisite white lace hand fan back and forth, in order to create a cool breeze in a warm summer day, this bride really looked like a true Spanish beauty. Standing on a rock with her arms open wide while holding her white shawl, it looked as if she was welcoming the special day that was about to begin and the new life that was going to start afterwards. Every detail had to be just perfect, from her hair and makeup, to her accessories, and most importantly, the glint in her eyes and the love in her smile. The groom was also very elegant, in an exquisite dark suite, and ready to embark on one of the most important voyages of his life, as was clear by the way he held his bride in his arms, overlooking the sea that stretched in front of them.

While walking together among the tumbled stones into which the waves crashed delicately, Manuela and Franco held hands, as they certainly will for the rest of their lives together. It was a very simple but greatly symbolic gesture that made this a very authentic moment for them, and a really special image I had to include in their wedding video.

But I also had to capture and include in this wedding video the very intimate moment when they professed their love, just the two of them, in a gorgeous cliff top bandstand overlooking the beautiful turquoise sea. That was also the special place where they later on shared smiles, laughter, as well as tears of joy and emotion, as they finally became husband and wife. The most beautiful day of their lives was celebrated above those cliffs in that marvelous setting above the sea, in an intimate and absolutely charming atmosphere.

The wedding ceremony was completed with yet another gorgeous addition to their big day, as white and pink balloons were released to fly away in celebration of this couple’s union, filling the sky with color. This particular venue had exclusive access to a beautiful secluded beach, hidden between the rocks and cliffs, which allowed complete privacy and made the bride and groom feel as though they were close to paradise. It was indeed a paradise-like venue, which also delighted their family and friends and provided a fantastic environment for the ceremony and party of this splendid destination wedding. A fabulous venue, with lots of character, that allowed everyone to enjoy themselves, relax, enjoy the lovely island, have fun and eat great food, while celebrating such a special occasion. Its spectacular terrace overlooking the bay were the ceremony and party took place was beautifully complemented by the luxurious seaside views, and it was quite clear the meticulous attention to detail that was had throughout the entire place and service. All this was remarkably seasoned with the best warm Spanish hospitality, in one of the most stunning locations that can be found on the island.

So, in a very romantic candlelit dinner outdoors, which was even more agreeable thanks to the excellent warm weather the island offered us all that day, everyone had the pleasure of indulging in an abundance of fabulous food and quality wine.

Dinner was then followed by long hours of dancing under the stars.

At night, with the dark blue skies as the perfect contrasting background, there was another fantastic surprise for all guests – a memorable show created by a fire artist, in a choreographed performance of fire effects, with its constant movement that almost appeared to be alive.

Warm weather, by the sea, eating, dining and dancing all night long – a brilliant choice for an outstanding destination wedding.

The most important day for love is the wedding day between two people deeply in love in a very romantic location, special to them in every way. And I was able to immortalize this very special day for the bride and groom, their family and friends, and make it an unforgettable experience on one of the most beautiful and romantic places, the coast lines of Mallorca.

The growing popularity of weddings on this Spanish island means that there are many places that cater specifically for every size and style of wedding parties, and that deal with absolutely every aspect of the big day, in order to help couples and their guests really relax, have fun and enjoy themselves on this special day, as was the case with this wedding.

I have to admit that, for me, it is always a great pleasure to help capture all the places, experiences and details chosen for that day, because this is more than just a job, it is truly a passion.

And this destination wedding was an absolutely fantastic experience for me, and I felt very welcomed by all throughout the whole stay.

Making the video of a destination wedding means that I get to spend a lot more time with the couple and their guests than in any local wedding. So I was amazed by the way everyone at this wedding treated me during the entire time. That has obviously helped me to create a lovely destination wedding video, because it made me feel as if I was really part of the whole experience as well.

Everything about this wedding had to be very special, and since the island already provided the perfect scenery for this couple – the scenery of their dreams – I had to do my very best to convey all of those special moments in a beautiful and deeply emotional wedding video, the perfect wedding video for them.

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