Faith, Determination and Love

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Angela and Maxime’s destination wedding – Montpellier

Since I’ve started working as a wedding videographer, I have always dreamt of making the wedding video of a professional football player, since football is one of my greatest passions in life. So, it was incredibly amazing for me to be contacted – and then contracted – to make this destination wedding video. I was contacted by the groom, an international football player from Luxembourg, who currently plays in USA, as well as in the national Luxembourg team. When Maxime contacted me for the first time, I just couldn’t believe it. It was so amazing, and I really started to feel that I was finally going to be able to make the wedding video that I’ve always wanted to. From the very first encounter with the groom, I felt great empathy between us and thought that this man was truly someone special. That first meeting actually led to four hours of us talking about the wedding video, the wedding day, the location of the wedding, how they met, their relationship, their personal and professional life… He turned out to be so much more than just a professional football player, even a celebrity, since he was a really down to earth and humble person, with great values and a lot of faith, who then went on to tell me their story, the amazing story of a man and a woman so deeply and truly in love.

The friendship, care and attention from their family and friends was absolutely surreal. Their heartfelt words and the tears of joy shared with this amazing couple was prove of their unbelievable connection. And I felt like I was part of the family. To this day, Maxime and Angela write to me and tell me that they consider me as such. By the time I arrived to Montpellier to work on this wedding video, everyone already knew my name and that I was the wedding videographer, which I have to admit was a bit strange to me. I then realized that it was due to the fact that everyone already knew about me.

I later understood even better, when, on the second day of the party – as this was a three day destination wedding – the bride’s father said to me, “Nelson, you are part of our family. You have no idea how much Angela and Maxime like you. Before you came, they told all the guests and family that their wedding videographer was someone very special to them, and so everybody should treat you as family, because you are in their hearts.” It was amazing to hear this, especially since I had only been with them twice before the wedding.

Even though a lot of this destination wedding was about partying and having fun, it was truly about their love story, so this wedding video had to reflect exactly that. Maxime and Angela met when they were 16 years old. At the time, he was at the football academy, working hard to become a star football player, while she was still in school, dreaming of becoming a successful lawyer. They were both very young and both living away from their families, so they became each other’s family. They’ve been through so much together. They’ve grown together, overcame obstacles together, and became the best version of themselves together. They felt that they were perfect for each other right from the start, because they both wanted to succeed. And they’ve made it together, even though at times it wasn’t easy. They were the perfect match, the most important person in each other’s life, each other’s support. Their strength and personality made them a great couple and helped them achieve all of their goals. For Angela, Maxime was her best encounter, the love of her life, her best friend, her confidant, the person she can always rely on. For Maxime, she was the woman of his dreams, and every important moment had to be shared with her, because it was thanks to her, and to her unrelenting support that he had gotten where he was. They might not have known each other all their lives, but they have always felt as if they did, in that connection that every couples wants to have.

So, after 10 years together, they finally fulfilled their dream of getting married. All the guests, family and friends, were there to celebrate this day with them, as they were the people that help them, that truly knew them, and that knew how much their wedding was special to them.

Their wedding was exceptionally amazing, a destination wedding in the South of France that truly seemed like a fairytale wedding, filled with strong emotions lived by all the guests, including me. During those three days of this destination wedding, everyone was able to always be together: all the guests stayed together in the same hotel, spending time together, eating together, dancing together, and having the best time of their lives together.

The chosen location for this destination wedding was Montpellier. This city, the capital of the Hérault department, is situated in the South of France, right by the Mediterranean Sea. With its medieval streets and natural spaces, world-famous vineyards, and buildings designed by the greatest international architects, Montpellier is full of traditional and contemporary treasures. A charming and exceptional destination for an exceptional wedding, which then allowed me to create a truly beautiful wedding video. The endless vineyards, the beautiful lawns, the perfectly manicured gardens, the hidden pathways and the tree-lined walkways provided a remarkable setting. Its typical laid-back feel, rustic atmosphere, delicious food and great wine were the perfect ingredients for a very extraordinary destination wedding. After the beautiful and very emotional religious ceremony at the Cathedral St Pierre de Montpellier, a Roman Catholic church in the Gothic architecture style, with a remarkable canopy porch supported by two massive cylindrical pillars, the party then took place in an astonishing venue, the Domaine de Sainte Colombe, a haven of peace, silence and tranquility, with an area that extends over 120 hectares. It was a magical place that immediately gives everyone the feeling of being somewhere else, thanks to its dreamlike gardens and fairytale views. A paradise hard to leave, and that was even harder for us after our truly fantastic three day stay. It is a place where traditional meets contemporary, in a truly incomparable environment, completely surrounded by nature to create a timeless and indelible backdrop. A meeting between humanity and nature at its most beautiful, the revival of an ancestral estate where old stones and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. Pure countryside chic, hidden in a sheltered valley that gives the perfect degree of privacy for such an intimate and special ceremony. The extremely professional staff was incredibly friendly and accommodated our every needs. Beautiful landscapes, delicious food, great wine, amazing company, outstanding party. A party like that of a rock star, as this wedding was also about partying and commemorating the union of this couple. There was a lot of eating, drinking and dancing, and basically having a great time, and, at some point, shirts were coming off, champagne was being thrown, and people were jumping in the pool… This destination wedding in the South of France had everything it needed to be just perfect. The perfect celebration of the love of two people who had grown together to better themselves. Two people who had worked hard to fulfill their dreams. So, Montpellier, this beautiful region in the South of France, was the perfect scenery to fulfill yet another dream. And it was all even more perfect with the amazing help of Wedding Planner Marie-Laure Inguimbert, someone who is truly passionate about her work, and that created a chic and refined setup to provide a luxurious experience for everyone involved. With 8 years of experience, she was certainly able to cater to every need and desire of the bride and groom to make a special day truly perfect.

Even though Maxime and Angela met when they were very young, they both shared a hunger for success. And that feeling brought them close together, in a relationship that will surely last forever. In this wedding video, you can easily see and feel how they have overcome all obstacles and reached the success they wanted together, and how that created an unbreakable bond. You can see it in their eyes, in their smiles, and in how they embrace each other. This led me to give this wedding video the title “Faith, determination and love”. Because that’s what their story was really all about: faith in their dreams; determination to pursue them; and love, the amazing bond that allowed them to conquer it all.

And so it was an unbelievable pleasure for me to be able to make this wedding video, to be a part of this wedding, and to feel like a part of this family I had only just met. Their friends and family we’re gladly there to celebrate with them. They were there to help them have the best experience ever, the best day of their lives. They were there to dance, to smile, to laugh, and to share tears of joy and emotion. These are the makings of an incredible wedding video, a video that captures the most incredible moments of a brilliant day.

Making wedding videos is my greatest passion in life, especially destination wedding videos. But to make a wedding video of someone I truly admire, and to be treated as part of the family, has to be the greatest, most satisfying job anyone could ever have.

When I make wedding videos, I always try to convey the feelings, the emotions, the love, the connection between the couple, as well as with their loved ones. In this wedding, I immediately felt and was treated as part of the family, so obviously it was very easy for me to capture and convey those feelings. For the three days this wedding lasted, there were so many amazing moments, so many special little details, so much love, that this video had to be incredibly special.

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